Full-Service Consultancy

Our goal is to make the most of your business: we analyze and challenge your existing business models and mindsets to optimize your organization.

Our ICO Advisory is a comprehensive service which includes the due diligence, preparation, management, execution, monitoring and follow-up as well as the actual distribution of an Initial Coin Offering. This includes the development and orchestration of a complete online and offline marketing concept for your coin.

Find out more under the dedicated ‘ICO Advisory’ tab.

We share our experience and know-how in the developments and trends of crypto-markets, cryptocurrencies, and cryptonyzed assets with you.

We are well aware of the importance of getting a cryptocurrency listed on exchanges: we make sure your new coin gets listed on a reputable exchange as soon as possible and continuously work on increasing your number of listings in different continents worldwide.

Especially in a new and relatively unregulated market like the crypto-industry, it is of utmost importance to stay updated on legal developments; therefore, we will help you stay on track and ensure your coin’s compliance.

Our team also establishes your project’s Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy, your KYC procedure as well as engages in Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) checks and investigates fund origins.

Blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrencies: we help you utilize this fascinating technology to its fullest. Whatever your industry, we consult you on improving your current business models through the usage of blockchain technology.