Our aim is to make virtual currencies fit for the future, adapt to the needs of buyers and sellers and to give this new form of currency a reliable place in the middle of the world society.


In this future market, the company acts as a service provider and developer of projects to promote the development and processing of digital and virtual payment methods and currencies.


Digital and virtual currencies are considered to be the means of payment of the future. More and more consumers and companies see an attractive alternative to traditional official currencies in digital currencies.


Users appreciate the global availability, easy access via computers and mobile devices as well as the fast and uncomplicated transaction handling. Digital currency systems combine characteristics that more and more correspond to the behavior of the consumers of the future. This is particularly evident with regard to online trading and the changed purchasing behavior of many consumers.


WISE Consulting Ltd is specialized in this upcoming sector and combines the know-how of IT-management & payment systems with business management expertise related to finance, project management and business analysis. In addition to the rendering of consulting services, WISE Consulting Ltd always focuses on the further business development of this new technology. In this context, it runs research, supports innovative projects and sets up its own development projects.

Our aim is to make virtual currencies fit for the future, adapt to the needs of buyers and sellers and to give this new form of currency a reliable place in the middle of the world society.


We see virtual currencies not just as a practical payment system for traditional online trading, but as a new complexly virtual currency system within the global monetary economy which has to fulfill similar functions and standards of conventional currencies and, thereby, becoming an attractive alternative to these.


Beside to the technical and operational development of virtual currencies and systems, we attach great importance to transparent and reliable structures. In this context, we are currently in the process of establishing a registered branch in Switzerland, one of the world's leading and most innovative financial markets. The business purpose of this branch shall be the rendering of consultancy services and the facilitation of exchange bureau services for the new digital cryptocurrencies DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies) to be provided by the DIMCOIN Foundation as the responsible originator. The branch and its activities are subject to the Swiss regulations and, therefore, the high regulatory requirements of this market will be met. In the near future, further branches and subsidiaries will be established for regulatory and practical reasons in order to facilitate a global reach.


The DIMCOIN is a speculative coin that can be exchanged against other cryptocurrencies, while the value of the respective DIM Currency is related to the fiat currency be exchanged into the respective DIM Currency. The DIM Ecosystem run by the DIMCOIN Foundation offers services such as: cryptonisation (virtualization) of equity, trading in cryptonized shares and assets, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, e-commerce, debit card purchases, business transactions, and commodity trading. All of these functions and services can be accessed through computers and hand-held devices.


As soon as the required service contracts with the DIMCOIN Foundation have been concluded, the online bureau de exchange run by the WISE Consulting Ltd branch in Switzerland will start to exchange cryptocurrencies into DIMCOIN and, also, fiat currencies into DIM Currencies. The exchange rates will be provided by finance meta-data companies. The electronic device for exchanges is the Depotwallet of the respective user.


The purpose of the online bureau de exchange run by Wise will be to ensure a frictionless and transparent handling of the respective exchanges. However, it is not the task of the online bureau de exchange, and thus of Wise Consulting, to control, monitor or to be in any other way be responsible of the activities of DIMCOIN Foundation as well as the activities and aims of users and providers within the DIM Ecosystem.

WISE Consulting Ltd is mainly focused on the consulting and handling of alternative payment methods and currencies of digital and virtual nature.


People from all over the world shall have the possibility to join the DIM Ecosystem and to globally use the DIM as an alternative means of payment. Furthermore, in the near future, everybody in this world shall have the possibility to the trade in virtual shares and commodities. In the real world it is not possible to buy shares of companies of even strongly developing countries.


For example, it is not possible to directly buy or sell shares of companies listed in India at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Such restrictions will no longer exist as soon as stocks have been virtualized. The trading of virtual shares or commodities does not require in the virtual world not the real transfer of the securities or commodities, but only the transfer of electronic impulses. This is also cost saving and save.


We attach great importance to transparency, usability, security (block chain technology) and the fulfillment of regulatory standards.